MANOLIS MANOUSAKIS   Composer / Sound Artist


Koumaria Residency Temporary Symbiotic Collective Art Process

Within this paper I aim to introduce and expand on collective/collaborative art practices that take place in a micro-residency environment. Taking as a paradigm Koumaria Residency, which is dedicated to cross arts, I will give examples of works that were collectively created at the residency during the period 2009-2011.  Furthermore, I will evaluate through the scope of the independent arts producer and curator, the working environment in which they where created and the production methodology followed in relation to the place and conditions in which the art works took place. 
I will introduce the term ‘Temporary Symbiotic Collective Art Process’ defining the residency not only by the way it was produced, collectively, but also as a process which takes place in a short period of time involving a number of artists that choose to live together in order to work on a common project. During this time period, which has a definite beginning and end, they cut themselves off from their normal daily routine whatever that may be and create special living conditions that include only the members of the work process. I shall expand on the importance of this symbiotic method supporting that the relationships and the dynamics created within such an environment are as important and valuable to the final production outcome as the art process itself. In this paper I will also propose that a naturally isolated working space, like Koumaria Residency, with limited influence from external disturbances could set a model for contemporary independent cross arts productions.