MANOLIS MANOUSAKIS   Composer / Sound Artist


Piano Minatures

I have been negotiating the synthesis that best suited the idea of this performance, since February 2002. I concluded to use miniatures as a form of composition. The reason being, that this from denies the composer the opportunity to sidetrack from his main theme.
I opted for subject matters that deal with everyday human activities, themes that allow the performer to extract from his/her own experiences, as they identify with them, to interpret each piece in a very personal manner.
I would like to thank the pianist Dimitra Hondrou for editing the scores, Lorenda Ramou for recording the pieces and Dimitri Yeros for his beautiful painting that adorns the cover and Maria, Nadja, and George for their overall support and assistance in the translation and editing of the text.
Manolis Manoussakis

From the nine miniatures that are included in thιs edition five premiered at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki in April 2003 by the pianist Dimitra Hondrou. The audience left with the best impressions from the performance.  Manolis Manousakis' technique in synthesis discloses with clarity a distinct emotional setting which unfolds in each miniature, sometimes recreating passionate experiences and other times initiating moral perspectives. This is generated from a balanced expression of musical elements. These co-coordinated elements are expressed either in the form of a motif, or in the form of a melodic phrase and depending on the circumstance they determine the particular theme that serves each musical scene.
These miniatures can be presented individually, or as an ensemble. This fact stresses the flexibility and the freshness these miniatures grant to the original musical idea.  The level of dexterity needed by the pianist is very high. However, the level of skills required does not indicate technical ability. Moreover it seeks mature soloists with a penchant for sensitivity and a knowledge of different musical types, with a special talent in rhythmic exactness is necessary. The recollection of the sounds of the 9 Miniatures accompany and inspire me.
Thanassis Zervas
Music Director