MANOLIS MANOUSAKIS   Composer / Sound Artist


project 1

The first creative offering of the Medea Electronique team is titled Peirama 1 (pronounced Peeramah Hena). It is based on a different reading of the Myth of Medea. The Chorus, the inner voice of Medea, is the human conscience reacting to what will follow and tries to change the course of the events and prevent the act of murder.

The psychological swings of the characters are of utmost importance to this play, and Medea’ s dilemma is repositioned on the moral-immoral, fair-unfair axes, given today’ s different circumstances. The modern day Medea, has different experiences in many domains. She has been listening to different music, has memories of televised wars, Reuters’ pictures in her mind. Recorded, radiophone sounds are reproduced in parallel to her inner voice, making the latter indiscernible. Bits of Audiovisual information fly around her head affecting her judgment.

The play is in many ways diversified from a classic Euripides Medea. In terms of content, plot, presentation and rigidity. It is largely relies on Interactive technology to create a dynamic environment where visual and sonic data of the performance are continuously processed and re-imported into the play.

It was first presented at the Benaki Museum in April 2007