MANOLIS MANOUSAKIS   Composer / Sound Artist




The composer draws on the history-forming power of World Politics to create five brief but truly dense musical political comments on issues of today, yesterday and tomorrow. Suggesting a critical view of institutions (the UN, the World Trade Organization), describing the perpetuating situation in the Middle-East, and implying the expansive nature of capitalism that working on a level above the average spectator, rules peoples’ lives

The project consists of five parts, and was originally released by the team ‘stench on a white shirt’ of which the composer was a founding member, as a DVD comprising animation, video and –of course – music.

Middle East of Eden
The Garden of Eden was allegedly situated in the Middle East. Today and for the past half-century, the Middle East is far from exhibiting any heavenly qualities. The track that opens the project contains strong musical imagery, describing fear, devastation and desertion. Armies marching in front of burning oil refineries, the same armies attacking a city being bombarded by air. The sound of a tanks’ engine while it spreads terror and fire. Video footage has been given to the team by a major Greek television station.
UN Resolution

Performed by Goerge Farounghias and Lorenda Ramou

The purposes of the United Nations, as set forth in the UN Charter, are to maintain international peace and security. to develop friendly relations among nations; to cooperate in solving international economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems and in promoting respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; and to be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations in attaining these ends.
To what degree this has been successful, has been a matter of debate. Instead it has become a podium for narcissist leaders exhibiting their capability of reading pre-written text. Before the war against Iraq started, there were countless hours spent debating, It appears that not very many wars have been avoided because of the UN, even though International Peace and security is among its premier goals. The track produces musical and visual imagery of world leaders fighting with unorthodox means, presenting the idea that the strong man wins. This is related to the unilateral decision some countries have taken to wage war against another without the previous UN Security Council consent.
Big Talk
Big Talk is a part commenting on the political play between democratic (or non-democratic) political leaders and the people, the first taking advantage of the latter, fanaticizing them and using it to create an ever increasing support basis that will allow them take more action under the umbrella of being peoples’
World Trade
This track comments on the nature of world trade, where wealth is gathered in ever fewer hands, and in the case of this video animation in the hands of a rogue superman whose “S” on the chest is replaced by a dollar sign. and a monopoly exploiting the earth and especially its poorer parts will be finally created. Masses of people submit to the big-talking leader, charismatic or not,

The End

The part closing the projects is a message of hope after the somewhat pessimistic realpolitik mood of the former four parts.