MANOLIS MANOUSAKIS   Composer / Sound Artist


Piano Miniatures

I have been negotiating the synthesis that best suited the idea of this performance, since February 2002. I concluded to use miniatures as a form of composition. The reason being, that this from denies the composer the opportunity to sidetrack from his main theme.
I opted for subject matters that deal with everyday human activities, themes that allow the performer to extract from his/her own experiences, as they identify with them, to interpret each piece in a very personal manner.

These are nine piano miniatures written in 2004. They where first presented at the cross-arts performance 22 Miniatures and a Theater Skertzo at Nakas Concert Hall in Athens Greece. The show was directed by Melina Masha and the music was performed by Lorenda Ramou, Dimitra Chondrou, Constantinos Evangelidis, George Farounghias, Theofilos Soteriades and Thodoris Zioutos. The performance included video animated short films by Panagiotis Goubouros and Christos Laskaris.

The Scores are published by Philipos Nakas