MANOLIS MANOUSAKIS   Composer / Sound Artist


Beyond Reasoning

Beyond Reasoning

Beyond Reasoning, Medea Electronique’s recent work is a four channel audio visual installation piece inspired by Attalis work Noise. Noise is a resonance that interferes with the audition of a message in the process of emission. It is any disruption of any social process, any source of pain. At the extreme it kills. However, as Nechavatal says noise is disturbing and offensive. It is beyond comprehension and challenges our habitual way of thinking and reasoning. Noise necessarily produces resistance in the mind, creating a “critical distance” via a “body/mind rupture.”

In Medea Electronique’s Beyond Reasoning, noise ranges from the extreme silence to the extreme noise. It represents the inability to express any emotion of resistance. The four characters, powerless stand in front of the camera and their reactions to the soundtrack represent their failure to react against the establishment. In large the project is inspired by the recent economic crisis and the subsequent crisis in moral and values…

Concept: Medea Electronique

Music: Manolis Manousakis
Visuals: Panayiotis Goubouros

Actors: Lida Matsagou
Nadia Deligianni
Haris Mavroudis
Stavros Loukeris

Voice Imrpovisations: Savvina Yannatou

Director of Photography: Dimitris Kostopoulos
Camera: Kostas Yiagkouridis
Tech Advisor: Thodoris Zioutos