MANOLIS MANOUSAKIS   Composer / Sound Artist



Director, Designer: Brett Bailey
Dramaturg, Writer: Eyad Houssami
Sound design: Manolis Manousakis
Lighting design, Lighting engineer: Colin Legras
Videos: Catherine Henegan: 

South African director Brett Bailey has been raising questions about racism and post-colonialism for years. His new work, Sanctuary, is an immersive journey into the surreal terrain of the European Union in crisis, as xenophobia and populism flourish and as surveillance and border controls expand.

Upon entering a prison-like labyrinth, spectators encounter a series of vivid scenes, charged with symbolisms, that convey both the states of oblivion in which so many refugees and immigrants find themselves and the states of insecurity of the European citizens who fear them. Sanctuary considers notions of home: homes lost, homes threatened, and homes yearned for.

Brett Bailey created a sequence of scenes during a two-year research phase, which included stints at several refugee camps around Europe. The cast features eight multilingual performers, ranging in age from 20- to 70-years-old, and includes refugees, immigrants, activists, and interpreters from the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. The performers departed from Bailey’s scenes to develop fictional characters that confront the rupturing of their sanctuaries.

Karam Al Kafri: student, activist
Magd Asaad: refugee aid, interpreter      
Sandrella Dakdouk: dancer, performer
Francoise Hémy: activist
Muna Mussie: artist, performer
Ian Robert: interpreter, performer
Nidal Sultan: actor, performer
Lionel Tomm: performer, activist, musician, student, actor, theatre pedagogue